Top quality material

Sannys glass holders are subject to constant quality controls. Our glass holders are distinguished by their first class and long-lasting materials. 

Stainless steel, powder-coated surfaces along with a top-quality and sturdy rubber ring ensure drinking in style in any position.


“Our glass holders are top-quality accessories. This exclusivity has to be reflected in the materials used too.” 

Dietmar Metzler, CEO

Developed and tested by professionals

We were able to draw on decades of yachting experience when developing Sanny’s glass holders and came up with a product with some obvious benefits and a problem-solving character.

Stability, style and pleasure were the main focus of our attention. 

"We've been aware of feedback from professionals and customers while developing our product. That's the only way to produce a truely good product." 

Dietmar Metzler, CEO

100 % Made in Austria

Our heart belongs to Austria. For Lake Constance, to be precise.

This is where we produce and develop Sanny’s glass holders. Short production cycles, first class workmanship and quick responses to new demands justify Austria as a production location. 

"We accept no compromises when it comes to workmanship and quality. Our clients expect the highest quality. That’s what Made in Austria stands for."

Alexandra Hufschmidt, Product Manager

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