Easy storage and same time eye catching. Sannys glass holder. 

Glamping is a lot more than just a nature getaway. Even friends of nature are discovering style and panache. 

How about enjoying the next sunset in good company with a glass of wine? With Sanny’s glass holder, we deliver the perfect accessory for your next glamping trip. The non-slip rubber ring and a top quality steel clasp guarantee a firm hold for any stemmed glass. 

“Where we used to use plastic cups, you will now find cut crystal glasses. Sanny’s glass holders are a useful and elegant accessory.” 

Lukas M., Client

Your new glass holder. More than a accessoires

Highest Quality

All of our glass holders are subject to strict quality controls. This is how we guarantee their quality and long service life. 

Stable in every situation

Thanks to the sturdy spring steel clasp and a non-slip rubber ring, your glasses are held firmly and safely. 

Made in Austria

Short production cycles and constant quality. All our glass holders are Made in Austria. 



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Where Sannys glass holders are used

A firm favourite at 10,000m 

Sanny’s glass holders for private jets and charters

Glass holders for yachts

Sannys glass holder on the high sea

Glass holders for limousines

Relaxing travel with Sanny’s glass holders

Ready for special solutions

When sturdy glass holders are needed